Robbie Cummings – the Narrowboating, YouTuber, Extraordinaire!

Whether you want to watch a narrowboat head down one of the many beautiful canals in the UK. You want to watch a very clever bloke fix up a narrowboat ready for a trip down a canal. Or you want to know where the best pubs on the canals are, Robbie Cummings has you covered. Robbie Cummings in a YouTuber that focuses on narrowboats and all of their charms. He owns his own vintage narrowboat that he restored on his YouTube channel a few years ago. He now uses his beautiful handy work to travel the canals in the UK, and he documents his adventures on the waterways on his channel too. But Robbie wasn’t always destined for a life on the water.

In fact, Robbie moved from Dorset to London to become an illustrator. When he was struggling to find work, he moved in with his friend on their narrowboat. Robbie loved it so much that he saved up for his own. His narrowboat was, well, Robbie describes it as a ‘rust bucket’ and we have to agree. Still, that rust-bucket gave Robbie the opportunity to understand in the inner workings of a narrowboat and how to repair, restore and captain a narrowboat. And he documented his whole restoration on YouTube and a great deal more too.

One of the best things about Robbie Cummings is that he shows you what life on a canal in a narrowboat is really all about. From the beautiful sunshine and a cold pint in a canal-side pub on a summer’s day. To storms and the freezing cold as he tries to repair his boat. His YouTube channel is an unfiltered look at restoring a narrowboat and then travelling the country with it. Robbie lives on his narrowboat. So, he’s done a few videos talking about life on his narrowboat and the things he’s learnt along the way. He also covers repairs and maintenance of his boat as well as provides awesome pub suggestions every week too.

If you are considering buying a narrowboat and want to know what it’s like to live on one before you do, Robbie is a great guy to watch. As I said, he provides an unfiltered look at narrowboat life so you can see what it truly takes to live on a narrowboat. If you want to see how to restore a vintage narrowboat and how to do it yourself, once again, you can! Robbie has videos showing you how to navigate through locks, where the best places on different canals are to explore and everything else that a boater could want to know about traversing the canals in the UK.

So, whether you own a narrowboat and want some inspiration about where to travel next. Or you’re considering buying a narrowboat and want to know what’s it like before you do, Robbie is your man. He has voyage logs where everything goes swimmingly, and he has a fantastic time. Seeing these would make anyone want to own a narrowboat. He then has voyage logs where everything that could go wrong does! Still, he is as entertaining as ever in all of his videos. That is likely why the BBC gave him his own TV series: Canal Boat Diaries.

Canal Boat Diaries was released in 2019, and the BBC basically took what Robbie had been doing on YouTube and brought it to the TV screen. Robbie did announce that the BBC will be making a series two of Canal Boat Diaries, but that hasn’t happened at the time of writing. So the best place to watch Robbie is his YouTube channel. If you like what Robbie is doing, you can also throw him a few pounds a month on his Patreon page where you can enjoy even more content about canal boats, the canals of the UK and the best pubs and pints along the way too!


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