Pubs On The Trent And Mersey Canal

The Trent and Mersey Canal snakes its way through Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire for 93 miles and there are plenty of brilliant pubs along this beautiful canal. However, below, we’ve found the best pubs on the canal in Cheshire. So, whether you’re travelling along the canal by boat. Or you just fancy stopping at a … Read more

Oxford Canal Pubs

While travelling down the Oxford Canal, it is a good idea to know where you can get some refreshments and stop for a break. And what better place to stop than a traditional country pub? If you want to know the best pubs to visit during your travels along the Oxford Canal, you can find … Read more

Should You Use Biodegradable Shower Gel on a Boat?

Should You Use Biodegradable Shower Gel on a Boat

Biodegradable shower gel – is it an essential item when you are staying on a boat? How good is it really and is it worth switching your regular bathroom staples? Spend some time on a boat and you will realise how important it is to be more careful of what we put into the water. … Read more

What is 4 Core Cable Used For?

If your narrowboat is your home, then you are probably already aware that you have to do a little bit of maintenance yourself from time to time. In some instances, you may come across unusual electrical configurations, in particular wires and flexes, such as 4 core cable. In this article we are going to address … Read more

Narrowboat Space Saving Ideas

Narrowboat Space Saving Ideas

So, the clue is in the name… “narrow” boat. Anything with a name like that should say to you that you are going to have to give storage some thought. There’s actually a surprising amount of narrowboat space saving ideas to be had however. In this article We’ve compiled a list of tips and some … Read more

Canal Speed Limit

Let’s be honest, when you invested in canal boat, the picture in your head probably didn’t involve tearing around the countryside or even going anywhere particularly quickly. Boating gives a real sense of freedom, but it is important to understand that there are still a few ‘rules’. One that must be observed is the canal … Read more

Narrowboat Gangplank (Do You Need One and Some Options)

Narrowboat Gangplank

Shiver me timbers! Ok, so there is a good chance that when you embarked on your canal boat journey, you didn’t think you’d be ‘walking the plank’. However, depending on your style of boating adventure you might be required to do just that. Hopefully the destination will be the pub, not Davey Jones’ locker! In … Read more

River cruise v ocean cruise

Cruising has taken a bruising thanks to Covid-19, but if life returns to anything like normal in 2021, there should be bargains galore on offer as the industry tries to recover lost custom. Incentives to book range from price discounts to on-board spending money, free drinks and cabin upgrades, with the option to postpone if … Read more