Grand Union Canal Pubs

The Grand Union Canal is one of the most breathtaking canals in the UK. Whether you are travelling down the canal in a narrowboat or exploring a few miles on foot, you’ll have a lovely time. But what can make a visit to the Grand Union Canal a bit better? Why a fantastic country pub, … Read more

Do Canal Boats Hold Their Value?

There’ a lot to consider when buying a canal boat. What microwave and stove to put in your narrowboat are a few of the considerations that most boat owners are thinking about straight away. However, whether a narrowboat holds its value should also be on every boat owners mind. We all know that the value … Read more

Which Washing Powder Should I Use On A Canal Boat?

Which Washing Powder Should I Use On A Canal Boat

Our British inland waterways are a very important part of our history and heritage with beautiful surroundings, making them a wonderful place to be so it is important that you help preserve that by making environmentally-friendly choices of cleaning materials while on your boat. The cleaning products that we all use will ultimately end up … Read more

How Much Does A Narrow Boat Cost?

Narrowboats have captured the imagination of people for years and since the industrial revolution faded, leaving the waterways quieter, it has gradually led to the leisure boat industry becoming ever more popular. If you are dreaming of an idyllic, slow-paced lifestyle that the narrowboat life has to offer as a liveaboard or whether you want … Read more

Gifts For Narrowboat Owners

Gifts For Narrowboat Owners

It can involve hours of scrolling and looking when you are trying to find just the right gift for your loved ones, or your friends and colleagues, so why not let us help you. We have researched scrolled on your behalf and have come up with some of the best narrowboat gifts ideas that will … Read more

Bridgewater Canal Pubs

The Bridgewater Canal isn’t the longest or most famous waterway in England, but it’s a vital link between the northern and southern canal networks, and is seen as the first “true” canal – created in the 1760s, it doesn’t follow the course of an existing river and, crucially, has no locks. It was once used … Read more

What Is It Like to Live on a Canal Boat in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam canals and its houseboats are probably one of the first things you think of when you hear about the Netherlands. Many tourists fall in love with this quaint scene but what is it really like to live on one of those canal boats? In the UK, we have our fair share of boaters living … Read more

The Best Pubs on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Whether you’re holidaying near or on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. Or you are a keen walker of the canal system, it’s great to know where you can have a sit-down, a refreshing pint of local ale and some refreshments. So, if you’re travelling down the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, here are the best pubs … Read more

The Best Pubs on the Kennet and Avon Canal

If you’re travelling down the Kennet and Avon Canal, it is a great idea to know where the pubs are. The pubs along the canal are the perfect place to stop for refreshment and to enjoy some beautiful ales too. So, here are the best pubs on the Kennet and Avon Canal for anyone venturing … Read more

Shropshire Union Canal Pubs

When you’re travelling down the Shropshire Union Canal, you may want to stop off for a bit of refreshment. Perhaps sit by the canal watching the world go by with a beautiful local ale and some amazing pub grub. Well, if that’s the case, you’ll want to know where the best pubs on the canal … Read more