What are Anodes on a Canal Boat?

Did you pay attention in school during science class? No, us neither. As a result, the term ‘anode’ might sound a little technical. Well in truth it is, but today we are going to get all scientific and give an answer to the question “what are anodes on a canal boat”? It is actually really … Read more

Narrowboat Engine Replacement (All You Need To Know)

Well, isn’t replacing a narrowboat engine a minefield of confusing information and puzzling prices? In this article, we aim to tell you exactly what a narrowboat engine replacement will cost, how long it will take and some more too. As you know, it is very difficult to find costs of narrowboat engine replacements. Many people … Read more

Narrowboat Skylight

Getting plenty of daylight can be good for your health, but in a canal boat it can be harder than you think. The combination of only having side windows and the fact that they are relatively low down can mean even the brightest days can be a little muted. A narrowboat Skylight might be the … Read more

Narrowboat Pram Cover: Are They Right For you?

What could be better than cruising along, safely ensconced in a canvas cover keeping you snug and dry from the elements? Well, depending on your point of view, not having a narrowboat pram cover at all! Pram covers for boats are like the marmite of the boating world. Either you love them or hate them. … Read more

Narrowboat Paint Colour Schemes (Which Ones Are Best?)

One of the outstanding features of canal boats are the beautiful array of colours and themes. There is nothing nicer than seeing a well painted narrowboat leisurely gliding past. However, in order to achieve the desired effect, a narrowboat paint colour scheme may require careful thought. In this article we are going to look at … Read more

Marine Composting Toilets (Are They Right For You?)

Marine Composting Toilets

Getting away from it all doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable or going completely ‘wild’. One thing that makes your boat ‘home from home’ is a fully working toilet. It isn’t the most pleasant of subjects, but today we are going to talk a little about marine composting toilets, discuss some of the advantages, disadvantages … Read more

Best Narrowboat Paint

If you’ve taken the plunge and invested in a canal boat, you are going to want it to look its best. Canal boats are famous for their garish, eye catching colours. In order to literally make it shine, you are going to need the best narrowboat paint. In this article we are going to look … Read more

Best Yacht Varnish

No matter what size the boat, a good finish on the woodwork is the ultimate goal for all boat owners and it cannot be understated just how important achieving this is. But, it is not just the finish that you need to consider, the varnish must offer lasting protection for the wood, from water, of … Read more

Narrowboat Blacking (A Complete Guide)

Owning a narrowboat gives so much enjoyment whether you holiday in it, have weekends away with it or live onboard, but, there is essential maintenance that has to be kept on top off and blacking your hull is part of that, keeping your vessel in a solid condition. The Ultimate Guide to Blacking Your Narrowboat … Read more