Narrowboat Sofa Bed (Different Options)

Are you the kind of person who is happy in their own company? Or are you a socialite who has lots of company. There are some things that you just can’t do without, and if you are the latter, you may want a steady stream of guests to visit even though you live on a … Read more

Which Washing Powder Should I Use On A Canal Boat?

Which Washing Powder Should I Use On A Canal Boat

Our British inland waterways are a very important part of our history and heritage with beautiful surroundings, making them a wonderful place to be so it is important that you help preserve that by making environmentally-friendly choices of cleaning materials while on your boat. The cleaning products that we all use will ultimately end up … Read more

Narrowboat Space Saving Ideas

Narrowboat Space Saving Ideas

So, the clue is in the name… “narrow” boat. Anything with a name like that should say to you that you are going to have to give storage some thought. There’s actually a surprising amount of narrowboat space saving ideas to be had however. In this article We’ve compiled a list of tips and some … Read more

Narrowboat Beds

Introduction There are few things more important in life than a good night’s sleep. If you have ever been sleep deprived you’ll know that it only takes a bad night to ruin and effect the entire day. Choosing the right bed can be tricky at the best of times. When you add the logistical considerations … Read more