Which Washing Powder Should I Use On A Canal Boat?

Which Washing Powder Should I Use On A Canal Boat

Our British inland waterways are a very important part of our history and heritage with beautiful surroundings, making them a wonderful place to be so it is important that you help preserve that by making environmentally-friendly choices of cleaning materials while on your boat. The cleaning products that we all use will ultimately end up … Read more

How Much Does A Narrow Boat Cost?

Narrowboats have captured the imagination of people for years and since the industrial revolution faded, leaving the waterways quieter, it has gradually led to the leisure boat industry becoming ever more popular. If you are dreaming of an idyllic, slow-paced lifestyle that the narrowboat life has to offer as a liveaboard or whether you want … Read more

Gifts For Narrowboat Owners

Gifts For Narrowboat Owners

It can involve hours of scrolling and looking when you are trying to find just the right gift for your loved ones, or your friends and colleagues, so why not let us help you. We have researched scrolled on your behalf and have come up with some of the best narrowboat gifts ideas that will … Read more

What Is It Like to Live on a Canal Boat in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam canals and its houseboats are probably one of the first things you think of when you hear about the Netherlands. Many tourists fall in love with this quaint scene but what is it really like to live on one of those canal boats? In the UK, we have our fair share of boaters living … Read more

Should You Use Biodegradable Shower Gel on a Boat?

Should You Use Biodegradable Shower Gel on a Boat

Biodegradable shower gel – is it an essential item when you are staying on a boat? How good is it really and is it worth switching your regular bathroom staples? Spend some time on a boat and you will realise how important it is to be more careful of what we put into the water. … Read more

What is 4 Core Cable Used For?

If your narrowboat is your home, then you are probably already aware that you have to do a little bit of maintenance yourself from time to time. In some instances, you may come across unusual electrical configurations, in particular wires and flexes, such as 4 core cable. In this article we are going to address … Read more

Canal Speed Limit

Let’s be honest, when you invested in canal boat, the picture in your head probably didn’t involve tearing around the countryside or even going anywhere particularly quickly. Boating gives a real sense of freedom, but it is important to understand that there are still a few ‘rules’. One that must be observed is the canal … Read more

River cruise v ocean cruise

Cruising has taken a bruising thanks to Covid-19, but if life returns to anything like normal in 2021, there should be bargains galore on offer as the industry tries to recover lost custom. Incentives to book range from price discounts to on-board spending money, free drinks and cabin upgrades, with the option to postpone if … Read more