Water Gypsies

When you hear the above term, do you think of a life full of excitement and adventure or does it leave a slightly sour feeling? We’ll be honest, the term can be seen in either light, and it depends very much on who is saying it and how it is said. In this article, we … Read more

Canal Boat on a Budget. Is it possible?

It’s a common joke that the word ‘boat’ is an acronym for “break out another thousand”. Fortunately getting on a canal boat on a budget is quite easy to achieve. Regardless of your finances, provided you have a little spare, you’ll be able to have a great time. In this article, we are going to … Read more

Ex Hire Narrowboats for Sale. What You Can Expect To Pay.

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Drunk In Charge Of A Canal Boat

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Narrowboat Pram Cover: Are They Right For you?

What could be better than cruising along, safely ensconced in a canvas cover keeping you snug and dry from the elements? Well, depending on your point of view, not having a narrowboat pram cover at all! Pram covers for boats are like the marmite of the boating world. Either you love them or hate them. … Read more

Narrowboat Ballast (We Explain What One Is)

Ever had that annoying feeling where something doesn’t feel quite right? Well in some instances you may very well be right. A boat which is not sitting level can be really irritating. We as boat owners can become obsessed with ‘listing’. Fortunately, there is a solution. Narrowboat ballast. In this article we are going to … Read more

How Heavy is a Canal Boat?

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Life Expectancy of a Canal Boat

We can all agree that the better you look after something, the longer it should last. Canal boats are no exception. When considering the life expectancy of a canal boat there are some common sense measures you can take to make sure it lasts, and also one or two factors which you might not be … Read more

Do Canal Boats Hold Their Value?

There’ a lot to consider when buying a canal boat. What microwave and stove to put in your narrowboat are a few of the considerations that most boat owners are thinking about straight away. However, whether a narrowboat holds its value should also be on every boat owners mind. We all know that the value … Read more