Best Low Wattage Kettle (Some Perfect Choices For Boat Owners)

What could be better than a nice cup of tea or coffee when you have reached your mooring while you sit back and chill in your new surroundings. Maybe you are feeling restricted by having to use the kettle on your gas hob, well why not let yourself free and get a low wattage kettle that is ideal for boaters while being very affordable.

Ok, so you do have the option of using a gas stove kettle, but some of us just like to flick a switch and know that the kettle will switch OFF when ready all without tripping the electrical supply.

Low wattage kettles for narrowboats – Low Wattage, Lightweight and 12v

Below we have 7 of the best low wattage kettle reviews that will let you see what is available on the market today and provide you with the information that you need before buying your new electric kettle.

1. Quest Cordless 1 Litre Low Wattage Electric Kettle

The first pick is this simple and practical Quest cordless design that won’t blow your budget or electricity supply.

This high quality electric low wattage kettle will allow for two good size cups of tea or coffee with a 1-litre capacity that it has and is also the ideal size for a walking flask should you want to go for a hike while mooring.

This is a nice compact size that can easily be stowed away in a cupboard for storage.

2. Low Wattage (900w) 1 Litre Cordless Electric Kettle

1 Litre White 900w Electric Cordless Kitchen Kettle Caravan Travel Hot Water Jug - Overheat Thermostat EK001 [Energy Class A]
  • Capacity: 1 Litre, Power: 900 Watt
  • Built in overheat and boil dry safety cut-out
  • Auto-Switch-off when water boils, Detachable jug kettle
  • Removable & Washable Water Filter, Transparent water level gauge UK 3 pin plug
  • Approx height: 18cm, Quality Products by Denny International

Another cordless option with a detachable base that is ideal for boaters and is brought to you by Denny International and has all the features that you could want from a little kettle. This low wattage kettle requires just 900w and is ‘energy class A’ which is the best power rating and the most energy efficient available in Europe.

As well as the standard ‘switch-OFF’ when boiled, this model features a built-in auto boil dry and overheat thermostat cut off mechanism. It has a transparent water level gauge to avoid any overfilling and just the right amount for your needs, whether that be 1 or 2 cups with its 1 litre capacity, with a removable and washable spout filter.

Measuring just 18cm this lightweight, energy efficient low wattage kettle can easily be stored away when not in use and is an extremely affordable option.

3. Russel Hobbs Compact Low Wattage Kettle

Russell Hobbs 23840 Compact Travel Electric Kettle, Plastic, 1000 W, White
  • Small and lightweight - the travel compact kettle is an ideal size for cramming it into an already busy backpack or case
  • Include two cups and spoons so you have all the essentials to make a good brew
  • 1 KW - the low wattage kettle makes it ideal for holidays, trips away, caravans, motor homes, student accommodation, hotels, guest rooms or simply as a kitchen backup
  • Universal voltage - thanks to a dual voltage control, the kettle can also be used abroad without issue; just plug in and use as normal, wherever you are
  • 0.85 Litre capacity - an ideal size for pouring a cuppa for two people

This small and compact 1000w low wattage kettle also features dual voltage, (120v and 240v) and is brought to you by a name we all know well, Russell Hobbs. It is also supplied with the handy 2 cups and spoons, so should you branch out from your narrowboat and want to go away with a travel kettle tucked in your bags you have all the essentials required, except the tea bags of course.

It features a transparent water level gauge with a removable and washable filter and has a 0.85 litre capacity giving you enough for 2 cups, it is lightweight and an ideal size for stowing away when not in use, if required. As an added bonus if that isn’t enough it comes with a 2 year guarantee and is yet another very affordable option.

4. Kampa Storm 1.7 Litre Cordless Low Wattage Kettle

The first three of our options have all been for brewing just 2 cuppas, but maybe there are more of you, this stylish cream 1.7 litre stainless steel kettle is for you and the same size as your house kettle except it is low wattage being 1000w.

With 360 degree rotation on the detachable base, this cordless kettle features the standard switch OFF on boiling, a transparent water level guide enabling you to only heat the water you require, and features the concealed heating element allowing for easy cleaning when needed.

5. SunnCamp 1.7 Litre Low Watt Cordless Kettle

SunnCamp Low Watt Cordless Kettle - White
  • Boil dry safety protection
  • Heat resistant plastic body
  • Capacity: 1.7L

Another low wattage option that is suitable for a family is this sleek and stylish white model brought to you by SunnCamp.

It has a boil dry cut off safety feature and heat resistant body, with a transparent water level guide and removable, washable filter for easy cleaning. It has a water capacity of 1.7 litres and is 900w so again is ideal for boaters and caravanners alike.

If there is a downside to this one it is the fact that the jug does not have the 360-degree turn that some of the others do, but the base can easily be moved to suit the position that you require.

6. VonShef Travel Kettle Portable 0.5 Litre kettle

VonShef Compact Travel Kettle – 650W Portable Electric Kettle 0.5L and 2 Stackable Cups, Cord Storage, Boil Dry Protection, Dual Voltage – Black 500ml
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – the dual voltage travel kettle is perfect for holidays, trips away, caravans, motor homes, student accommodation & guest rooms.
  • 500ML CAPACITY – enough for 2 cups of coffee or tea, with the 2 stackable travel cups included or your own favourite mugs.
  • EASY AND SAFE – with a wide spout for easy pouring and an indicator light, concealed heating element and automatic boil protection.
  • COMPACT DESIGN – small, travel ready and lightweight with an added cord storage clip to allow for easy packing away - 16.5 x 10.5 x 18cm

This wonderfully designed VonShef travel kettle is ideal if you want a kettle for more than just your narrowboat weekends on the water. Measuring just 18cms and using just 650w it will become your ideal travel companion that you won’t want to leave your side.

It features dual voltage so can be used worldwide perfect for the travellers amongst us,  or those that have restricted space for making a brew. The transparent water gauge, concealed heating element, wide spout and cord storage clip all go to make it user friendly as well as stylish.

As an added bonus it is supplied with 2 travel cups and a 2 year warranty, you cannot go wrong with this compact and lightweight little low wattage kettle.

7. Stainless Steel Lightweight Whistling Camping and Boating Kettle

2.5L STAIINLESS Steel Lightweight Whistling Kettle Camping Fast Boil Fishing New (Cream)
  • 2.5ltr Stainless Steel
  • Diam of base 7" capacity 2.5litres full height 9" height with handle folded 6.5"
  • This is a superb traveling kettle.It is made from stainless steel.
  • There is a whistle attached to the spout and it is finished with a cream body and black phenolic handle.
  • It is suitable for use with gas,electricity and vitro induction also the handle folds for easy storage and space saving.

The last is something for those of you that actually want to break away from being tied to the electrical supply and stick with the more traditional, how could we not put a whistling kettle in for you?

This is available in some wonderful stylish and vibrant colours and retains a more traditional look, with the sound of the whistle when it reaches boiling point. The water capacity is 2.5 litres so more than you would probably need for just a cup of tea, but making it ideal to provide hot water for a quick splash if required as well as your brew.

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