Best Dog Life Jacket UK (Keep Your Dog Safe)

Staying safe on your narrowboat should be your biggest priority. And that safety should, of course, extend to your dog too. If you’re like me and most other dog owners, your dog is a massive part of the family, and they need to be kept safe on slippery decks just as much as you do. Especially as your dog is likely to see other dogs and plenty of other wildlife along the canals across the UK and they may be tempted to jump in the canal to go and greet their new friend. So, if you want to protect your dog while travelling the canals in the UK, you need the best dog life jacket you can find. So, we have compiled a list of the best life jackets for your dog below. We have a guide on how to measure your dog for their life jacket just below too. So, stick around as we tell you about the best safety equipment for your dog if you are planning on taking them on the waterways around the UK!

What is the best dog life jacket in the UK?

K9 Pursuits High Visibility Dog Life Jacket

K9 Pursuits High Visibility Easy Grab Float Coat Life Jacket, Medium
  • For Dogs weighing 14kg-25kg, chest/girth 51cm-68cm
  • Top Grab Handle for easy grab Water Recovery
  • Reflective Accents and Bright Colours to enhance visibility
  • Adjustable straps and neoprene chest band for comfortable and secure fit
  • Quick release Buckles with additional D-ring on coat top

This K9 Pursuits dog life jacket is brilliant. It is available in loads of sizes from extra small dog life jackets for the smallest furry friend to extra-large life jackets for our largest friends. This dog life jacket is cleverly designed so you can use it as a harness while keeping your dog safe too. Plus, there are two handles on the top of this life jacket to make grabbing your dog easy if they fall in.

This dog life jacket also has reflective strips so you can see your dog easily. Finally, it has very robust clips so that no matter the size of your dog, you can pick them out of the water if they happen to fall in. Oh, and it is incredibly comfy, so your dog will happily wear this all day as they sleep their way down the canal.

Bella and Balu Dog Life Jacket

Bella & Balu Life Jacket for Dogs – Reflective Life Vest for Maximum Safety in the Water
during Swimming, Boating, Sailing, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Canoeing etc. (S)
  • Ideal for insecure swimmers, anxious and nervous dogs – provides optimal safety during water-related outdoor activities
  • Comfortable to wear with fully adjustable neck and chest straps, quick-fast mechanism
  • Swimming aid with stable rescue handle at the back and metal loop to affix the leash Brightly coloured with light-reflective strips
  • Brightly coloured with light-reflective strips
  • Made from water-proof nylon – fast-drying, comfortable and adjustable – Measurements: Length 25cm, girth 45-61cm

This is another very comfortable life jacket for your dog. It has plenty of flexibility to ensure that your dog is secure in the life jacket so that if they do fall in, you can use the big strap on the top of the jacket to pull them aboard safely. The life jacket securely fastens under your dog’s belly and their neck with padding in both areas to keep them comfortable all day.

What’s more, all of the banding and trim on this life jacket is reflective. The life jacket is very colourful, so if your dog falls into the water at night, you will be able to locate them and pull them out. Of course, you can also use this life jacket just like a harness too, so there is no need to compromise safety at all.

COVVY Shark Fin Dog Life Jacket

COVVY Dog Life Jackets Pet Floatation Life Vest Shark Dog Saver Life Swimming Vest Puppy Swimsuit Adjustable Coat for Dogs with Handles for Easy Rescue (L, Gray)
  • ★ High Quality:The Dog Life Jacket is made of high quality diving material, polyester oxford cloth and high density polyethylene foam filler. Built-in flotation layers to enable strong buoyancy and in the water, so they'll be ready to dive into playtime at the pool, lake or beach.
  • ★ Shark Design: The shark fin design increased visibility so you can always spot your pet in and out of the water. To further ensure the dog's safety.
  • ★ More Design: Grab handle on top lets you quickly and easily pull your pet out of the water in the case of an emergency. A D-ring on the back allows you to attach a leash when necessary.
  • ★ 3 Sizes: Small Size: back length 30cm,waist 32-54cm,life jacket weight about 0.26kg. Medium Size: back length 35cm,waist 44-64cm,life jacket weight about 0.34kg. Large Size: back length 44cm,waist 69-80cm,life jacket weight about 0.46kg.
  • ★ We suggest that you measure the size of your pet carefully before you pay to ensure the best size. Notes: Small Size Suitable for Poodle, Maltese, Boston Terrier, pug, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Schnauzer, etc. Medium Size Suitable for Shiba, Beagle, Coca, Akita, Sheltie, Border Collie, etc. Large Size Suitable for Labrador, Siberian Husky, Golden Retriever, etc.

Now, just because a dog life jacket is a safety device that all of our dogs should be wearing, it doesn’t mean that the life jacket can’t be fun! This dog life jacket is exceptionally safe. It has a nice large handle to ensure you can easily grab your dog as well as three straps to secure your dog into the jacket. Plus, a metal ring so that you can hook a lead on to the life jacket too. It is also available in small, medium and large. So, it sounds like the other dog life jackets on this list, why is this one of the best dog life jacket available right now?

Well, that’s easy! This dog life jacket has a shark fin on it. Yes, if you want to scare other boaters on the canal, or give the walkers of the canal a good laugh as your dog swims alongside them, you can with this dog life jacket. With this shark fin on their back, your dog will have endless fun on the waterways!

EzyDog Dog Life Jacket

EzyDog Dog LifeJacket, Large, Red
  • ADJUSTABLE DOG LIFEJACKET – Our Dog Flotation Device is designed and tested, to give your dog a comfortable fit.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – We use the highest quality materials, our adjustable neoprene straps keeps your dog secure while our Lifejacket itself has up to 50% more flotation material than most other pet life jackets.
  • INTEGRATED GRAB HANDLE – Gives you a quick and easy way to guide your dog in or out of the water.
  • REFLECTIVE INTEGRATED TRIM – Our flotation device has integrated detailing to improve night time safety and visibility.
  • CUSTOM SIZING FOR THE BEST FIT - Large size fits dogs with a 17"-24" body length, a 27"-44" girth, and a weight of 27.5KG – 41KG.

This is one of the best dog life jackets in the world. This is a floatation device for your dog. It is made using the best materials for life jackets. This is an incredibly well-made dog life jacket that is stitched robustly with reflective trim that will last for years, even if your dog loves exploring.

If you are looking for the most robust and quality dog life jacket in the world, this is it. There dogs all over the world that are wearing this life jacket to surf, swim and have loads of fun in the water. It is comfortable and extremely safe for your dog and a must-have for any dogs that aren’t strong swimmers!

Baltic Dog Life Jacket

Baltic Standard Fastening Pet Buoyancy Aid with Strap - Orange, Large 15-40 Kg
  • Baltic Pet Buoyancy Aid with Strap - Orange, Large 15-40 Kg

Finally, we have a fantastic dog life jacket from Baltic. This is bright orange with reflective trim to ensure that you can always spot your dog, whether they are in the water or on the boat. It has three straps, two that go under the belly and one around the neck. There isn’t as much padding on this dog life jacket as some others. Still, that means that there is less likelihood that your dog can snag on anything if they do fall in.

The handle on this life jacket is massive meaning it is very easy to grab and guide your dog out of the water. Overall, this life jacket for dogs is very well made, it also helps keep your dog warm (or cold on hot days). It is a high-quality dog life jacket that will keep your dog nice and safe.

So, now you know about the best dog life jackets in the UK, how do you measure your dog for a life jacket? Well, it is very simple. Here is our quick guide to measuring your dog for a life jacket.

How to measure your dog for a life jacket

Measuring your dog for the right sized life jacket for them is relatively simple. You need to know how much your dog weighs for some life jackets, but for most, it is all about your dog’s girth. Simply measure your dog’s girth by wrapping a flexible tape measure around their chest (just behind their front legs). That is the measurement you need to get the right life jacket for your dog.

Now, most dog life jackets have adjustable straps, just like a harness. So, if you’re dog is still growing, they will likely be able to use their new life jacket for a while before you need to buy a bigger size. Also, you should make sure that the life jacket fits your dog as securely as possible. Remember, if they fall in, you will need to pick them up out of the water by the life jacket. So, spend some spend adjusting the straps for a snug fit so there’s no chance they can slip out of the jacket should they ever fall in the water.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go. There are the best dog life jackets in the UK that are perfect for keeping your dog safe as you travel the waterways of the UK. We hope our guide to measuring your dog for their life jacket was helpful too. For more information about the canals in the UK (like where to find the best pubs) and some equipment and tips that any narrowboater will find helpful, please explore our website further. We have everything your narrowboat needs so you can make the most of your adventure!

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